Character Creation



Concepts: keep it within reason, we’re looking for normal people. There can be a couple military, concepts, but don’t forget mechanics, food service. This is a game of personal horror. Keep it in the idea of realism.

We’re going to use the Wanton Wicked sheets for mortals with the 35 xp, without submitting. Password protect your sheet, then give your password to those in the game to view.

Please use common sense when creating your pc. To start the scales off at balanced no more then 3 attributes or skills at 4. No single attribute or skill at 5 at creation.


No supernatural merits.

Unseen senses can be bought in game, but is not allowed during creation.

Use common sense when buying your merits. Understand that many allies will no longer exist, if you are new to town, you wont have contacts, and that if you want four dots of influence in Google, cool, but it will be useless.

Starting equipment must be signified with the Boons Merit.

Everyone starts with Natural Immunity

Boon Merit:

- No dots? Good luck. What do you have on your back? A wallet? A hoodie? Maybe some car keys… you might make it. Stranger shit has happened, right? I mean the dead are getting back up.

0 – Whatever you happened to have in the house, and a backpack, change of clothes, canned goods. You probably have a couple knives, maybe even a bowie.

00 – You have a car, you may have a hiker’s backpack, which is equipped with enough dried goods and water tabs to get you through two weeks. A rifle? Absolutely. A tent? Sure. You like the outdoors. You may even have a dependable first aid kit.

000 – You’re doing better then most, your SUV will get you through backed up bodies, your trunk is full of food and blankets, enough water to actually stretch out. You might even have extra fuel on hand. You have several guns stashed away for emergencies, and if you needed, you could bring an extra person with you.

0000 – Your neighbors thought you were a little crazy when they saw you going out to do welding on the broke down school bus in your backyard when you saw the strange accounts of ‘Rabies’ popping up on the news. You had enough foresight to go ahead and actually stock pile food and guns a week or two before shit hit the fan, and if necessary you’d be able to actually forge your way for a while, and help some people on the way.

00000 Local only – People thought you were crazy, the Discovery channel was rating your survival odds on national TV. Everyone in the community whispered about you and pointed, maybe even walked on the other side of the street when they saw the Apocalypse nut walking by. And they definitely laughed, behind your back, hell to your face. Who’s laughing now, bitch?

You have renewable food resources, renewable water sources, you may even have backup energy. You have a bunker that is large enough for a family of four, and the resources to expand if necessary.

Character Creation

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