House Rules

970529_10151681877392853_386291226_n.jpgBite Rules:

The Zombie scourge has been created by a virus. The virus is a wicked thing, that acts quickly and is extraordinarily difficult to resist. The primary means by which the virus spreads is through a zombies bite. In order to bite someone, a zombie must initiate a grapple, and in the following turn make a Strength+Brawl roll, subtracting the grappled characters strength. Success on this roll deals lethal damage and transfers the virus.

Once bitten you do get sick.

After bitten, a character rolls stamina as an extended action with each roll taking one hour. Maximum number of rolls allowed are equal to your Stamina attribute with a needed 8 successes total to survive. Each roll accumulates a -1 penalty due to the extreme nature of the virus. First roll -1, second -2 and so on.

Roll Results

Dramatic Failure: The onset of the fever is nearly instant, the character dies without chance for further rolls.

Failure: The character makes no progress in fighting off the fever

Success: The Character makes progress in fighting the fever

Exceptional Success: The success accumulated are its own reward, but in addition to this the character will not accumulate the additional -1 penalty on his or her next roll.

You may spend will power, though it is defensive. You get 2 dice per wp instead of 3

Instant medical care will add 2 dice.

It is up to the st if amputation will save your pc. Should the ST allow it, another PC must make a Wits+medicine roll and have a tool that will allow the amputation of the limb. This is an extreme and last ditch effort for a pc. Once a limb is amputated the pc must make a Stamina Roll to avoid shock. If successful the PC gains the appropriate flaw for the amputation and must begin to fight off infection with a Stamina+Resolve roll, with medical attention providing the normal benefits.


Finding an area to search out new materials is vital to the continued survival of the group. Whether it is a hospital, gas station, bar, or police station is irrelevant. These rules will be used when a pc or group of pc’s attempt to search any given building. The Storyteller may call for a specific scene if a particular building has a connection to the story, but these rules will be for searching any given building or area at the time.

Every Building or site in the game has a “Predation” rating and a “Boon” rating between 0 – 5

Each of these buildings or sites also has a Threat level of 0 – 5

Finding an area that could have useful materials requires a wits+composure roll, needing a number of success equal to or exceeding the predation rating of the area. This roll requires 1 minute of looking around an area. This roll may be repeated without penalty.

If the roll was successful and the storyteller approves, the player may then make a Wits+Investigation roll. This roll takes 5 minutes and is subject to the normal teamwork benefits. Each success grants the pc’s a single dot of temporary boon which can be spent on food, water, ammunition of a specific caliber, medicine, or materials. But, retrieving this free dot of boon reduces the Boon rating of the area being searched.

However, after each wits+investigation roll the storyteller may roll the site’s threat rating, with success indicating the pc’s activity has drawn the attention of further walkers, or revealed the presence of walkers already in the area being searched. riot_storefront-756x587.jpg

House Rules

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