city_zombies_wallpaper__yvt2.jpg November 15th... that is the day we will all remember as the official end of the world.
Its strange now looking back, realizing that it would be so clear, that we would have it so clearly announced. That we would have that confirmation. But no one could have for-seen the end, so how could we for-see how it would broadcast, how could we know that those out breaks of rabies, that those fevers… that those where the herald to the end.

November 15th, that was the day that they finally gave up the war officially, that they came to realize that there was no army that could stop the hoards from coming, that if you shot one four more would just seem to rise up. November 15th … that was the day that the last big city fell. That the government crumbled… that people realized that no one was coming to save us. That was the day that the anarchy began.

Wolverine-apocalypse-city.jpgIt was amazing how short a period of time it took for things to simply go to hell. Call it due to government ‘containment’, or ignorance of the public. People not wanting to believe that all those survivalist nuts could have been right. That all those nerds who sat around watching zombie movies and going ‘what if’ where actually ahead of the game in making plans.

And once the slide began, it tumbled down like an avalanche, a wave of dead walking bodies that, at first was broadcasts of rabies. Then it was broadcast as an anomaly, when the first words ‘zombies’ where used by foolish journalists, no one believed it, but then the footage of the dead, getting back up started to hit the tv’s, the internet…. that was when all hell rained down.

raccoon-city-2.jpgTwo weeks have passed since the military officially realized it could not contain the plague.

The small towns, they where slower to die. Say what you will about the NRA but in places where it was prevalent, where people had guns in most homes… where they had fewer to put down, those where the towns that took longer to dwindle and die. Anarchy was now the currency of the day.

No one was surprised that it was the big cities that fell first, dieing under the mass influx of shear people, either coming in to find a safe zone, or fleeing the rampage, but the more people, the more blighters, that was shear logic. Grizzly terrifying logic that was something literally brought about like in a horror movie or graphic novel. Who would have thought that those things would become survival guides?

TV’s didn’t work, Cell phones where starting to deteriorate with no one to maintain the cell towers, power was out, the facilities over run or abandoned. Hospitals have become death traps, where the infected wander, brought there first in the misguided days where they believed there could be a ‘cure’.

But that is behind us now… now we know there is no cure, there is no end. The only real death that comes is from one that comes from a bullet being put between your eyes, or a knife being driven in to your skull. This, this is the new reality. How will you survive?